My Story

Hi! I'm Amy and I would LOVE to be your Scentsy girl!
I discovered Scentsy several years ago when a friend of mine gave me a catalog and said she was selling these super cool, new, wickless candle warmers that used a low watt light bulb (instead of a flame) to warm soft, scented wax. Since I LOVED to make my house to smell good and had candles all over, I decided to take a look at the catalog. I could not believe how beautiful the warmers were and all of the smells sounded fabulous! I called her right away and told her I wanted to try these Scentsy warmers. After becoming a hostess and earning a ton of FREE Scentsy products, I quickly became... A SCENTSY ADDICT!!! I had beautiful warmers and cute little nightlight warmers in every room of my home and enjoyed warming all sorts of different scents every season. My home smelled so wonderful and my friends and family commented how much they loved them every time they visited. I quickly realized I was already "selling" the products just because I was so excited about them and believed so strongly in the benefits of using a flameless, wickless scent system.
In December 2009, with the encouragement of a couple of friends, I decided it was time for me to turn my passion into a business. I didn't have any money saved up but I wanted to start my Scentsy business with my own resources (and not take money out of our personal account). So I got an idea and I gathered some old, gold earrings and necklaces from my jewelry box. I sold the gold to a local jeweler who offered me the exact amount of money I needed to purchase my Scentsy Starter Kit. I knew it was a good sign!
I love being my own boss, setting my own hours, being a fulltime mom and meeting awesome new people every day. I love training and mentoring other people as they start their own Scentsy businesses and seeing them flourish and grow. I love helping my customers turn their houses into homes and keeping them safe from fire hazards. I love seeing them become Scentsy Addicts just like me.
In a nut shell.... I just love what I do!!!!!
With Scentsy, I am not only able to help with our household income but I have actually paid for our family Christmases, taken our kids on a ski trip, and have earned several all-expense paid vacations including a Mediterranean Cruise that my husband and I will be taking this summer.
Contact me to find out more and how you too can experience Scentsy.
I would LOVE to help you!!!!